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When applying for your employees, you can set on a detailed authorization system the required access for each employee. You can choose to access the customers / clients and groups of employees can WebBoxes.

In addition to automatic notification of new data, you can decide whether the customer data may even provide for you. You can also assign customers multiple customer groups.
customer groups:
By setting up groups of customers, you can provide specific data for multiple clients and need to transfer them only once. The customers are - the latest on new data - depending on the setting.

There is an outgoing and WebBox. With outgoing WebBoxes you can provide publicly available information to download. Incoming WebBoxes are a type of contact that they can integrate on your website and thus you can transmit data at any major.

All automatic notifications contain direct links to where you can download the data provided immediately. Log on to a system is not necessary. An optional automatic cleanup deletes old data after X days and / or X downloads. The action log keeps a record of every action. The data are accessible by Web as well as with a normal FTP program.